Welcome to Guthlaxton College

I am pleased to welcome you to Guthlaxton College, where students do more than achieve their full potential and succeed academically - we develop the whole person and our students thrive.

Young people are now more than ever free to become architects of their own lives. We recognise that the students attending Guthlaxton College today are the leaders of tomorrow.

John Keller

Focus on... Mathematics

Understanding Mathematics is essential for future opportunities in further education and careers. Students will need to reach certain levels of competency in Mathematics to take Sixth form courses, to be admitted to colleges and universities, and to have a wide variety of career choices. This is a guide to help you help your child to realise their potential in Mathematics.

We aim as a department:

  • to provide a broad Mathematical learning experience
  • to provide the skills required to succeed in the current higher education and work market
  • to promote a positive attitude to mathematics study
  • to ensure students have a feeling of success and progression appropriate to their level
  • to encourage students to carry on with mathematics post 16 where appropriate
  • to play an active role in contributing to cross-curricular themes and improving Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Functionality and Key Skills

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